There is a common saying that goes, “Success breeds success.” In the realm of fundraising, this phrase couldn’t be closer to the truth. When it comes to holding a successful coffee fundraising event for your school, church or other organization, there are several steps you can make take to make your coffee fundraiser a success. While there are literally hundreds of tips and techniques designed to assist those who are starting a fundraising event, only a select few of these methods truly support success.

Step 1 to Make Your Coffee Fundraiser a Success – Create a Website

Don’t worry, these websites don’t need to be filled with the latest design elements and fancy features. Rather, a website should be established to be the “go to” source for accurate information regarding your fundraising campaign and its mission statement. Because you may utilize online selling to raise funds for your campaign, an online presence is absolutely necessary. Within your website, make sure you include the following information:

Fundraising Mission Statement – Studies show that without a clearly defined and laid out mission statement, it’s almost impossible to gain donations from those who are unfamiliar with your cause. Therefore, utilize this space to answer all questions and provide detailed information regarding the purpose of the fundraising campaign and what the funds will be used for. Be as specific as possible.
Personalize the Website – Add pictures, images and videos of students and other people who are intimately involved within the fundraising purpose. Studies also show that people are more willing to donate, or purchase your coffee, if they make a personal connection with the cause. The best way to do this is to showcase how the funds are truly affecting the people they’re intended for.

Step 2 – Donate to Your Own Cause

Perhaps one of the most important techniques one can use to increase the success of their online fundraising campaign is to purchase coffee themselves. Within the website, include a counter for the number of people who have purchased coffee. Studies have revealed that people are more likely to contribute to causes that are already being financially supported. Think of it as a snowball effect. Therefore, have all participants, and their family members, consider purchasing an item. By doing so, potential donors will see this momentum and will likely wish to continue this forward movement.

Step 3 – Utilize Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, are extremely useful for connecting with potential donors and spreading the word about your fundraiser to a global audience. To effectively utilize social media platforms, create a profile specifically for your fundraiser. Invite all friends and family to join this profile and encourage your followers to share information regarding your fundraiser (typically a link to your fundraising website). Enhance user engagement by creating a series of fun, yet short, videos filled with humor and information. By doing so, you’ll soon find the interest, and subsequent sales, begin to skyrocket and you can have the best coffee fundraiser.