In the realm of coffee fundraisers, there are many avenues one may take to spread awareness of their cause while simultaneously gaining a decent amount of donations. If you’re interested in unique fundraising ideas here is the best way to raise funds for your school, church, band, youth group or any other organization: a coffee fundraiser. Much like any other form of fundraising, there are several ways this form of fundraising can be carried out. The two most popular coffee fundraising methods are brochure-based and direct sale. While the primary goal of each fundraising type is universal, the techniques used to meet this goal can greatly vary.

Brochure Coffee Fundraisers

If you or your child has been involved in a school system within the past couple of decades, then you’ll likely be familiar with this type of fundraising option. In the most basic terms, brochure fundraising is just that – raising funds by selling products from a brochure. In the realm of coffee fundraising, brochures come from a coffee supplier, along with order forms.

Once the brochure’s and order forms are received, they are handed out to fundraiser participants. From here, they may be shown to relatives, co-workers or neighbors. If the potential donor finds an item within the specialty catalog that interests them, they fill out the order form and include some form of payment. At the conclusion of the fundraising event, all order forms are collected and sent to the coffee supplier, or vendor.

From here, the coffee company processes payments, delivers products to the donors and then delivers a check to the fundraising organizer based upon the number of sales they achieved. This is perhaps the easiest and most cost-effective way of holding a coffee fundraiser. Because brochures and order forms are sent free-of-charge to fundraising organizers, there is literally zero upfront cost of getting started. In fact, there is no cost associated with this type of fundraising event. Because of this, it’s ideal for organizers who are working with little-to-no investment money.

Direct Sale Coffee Fundraisers

This form of fundraising is much different than the aforementioned. Within this model, fundraising participants sell physical bags of coffee, instead of simply taking orders via a brochure. While this provides donors with instant access to their purchase, it also requires a significant financial investment from the fundraising organization. While this may not be the best choice for every fundraising campaign, it can be quite lucrative when setting up a physical booth at a festival, school production or community event. By setting up a booth and including information about your cause, you’ll tackle two birds with one stone (or booth): Raising funds by selling coffee and communicating with your local community regarding your cause and need for funds.