In the modern fundraising world, there are literally hundreds (if not thousands) of the various methods school, church or youth group can use to raise funds. While some of these are highly successful, others fall flat. Perhaps one of the most significant fundraising options for all organizations sell coffee. Coffee fundraising events can be quite lucrative and prove to be an excellent way to communicate and engage with your community. However, if you wish to have a successful and respectful fundraising campaign, then you must be careful where you receive your coffee products. In the realm of fundraising, it’s essential that your organization only chooses fair trade coffee. But why?

What is Fair Trade Coffee?

According to Equal Exchange and Fair Trade USA, fair trade coffee is coffee that meets various standards and regulations set forth by various organizations and agencies. Because many coffee beans come from subpar growing conditions, who also treat their workers poorly, fair trade coffee ensures you receive the highest quality coffee beans harvested using the best practices for coffee safety and worker stability. While there are several components that constitute fair trade coffee, the following elements are most important:

Coffee is purchased from organized and regulated farming co-operatives.
Coffee is priced at a level that ensures farmers and workers receive fair compensation for their work.
Coffee is imported by company’s who promise to assist farmers achieve their financial livelihood goals.
Wholesales and importers pay for the fees to certify coffee meets fair trade certification requirements. This reduces the financial burden on farmers and workers.
Coffee is grown using the highest standard of growing techniques as farmers are financially rewarded by importers and wholesale companies.
Coffee is grown and harvested utilizing purely organic methods. This ensures no chemicals and other compounds are used within the cultivation and harvesting of coffee beans.

Why Choose Fair Trade Coffee for your Organization?

The last thing you want to be associated with as a fundraising organization is a coffee company that utilizes standards that are considered harmful and detrimental to the livelihoods of farmers. When you choose a fair trade coffee company, the money you raise for your organization, as well as for the company, is used in a responsible and respectable manner. This is an essential component for any coffee fundraising campaign. Therefore, before you agree to use the coffee from any supplier, make sure that the coffee features the Fair Trade seal, and is grown, harvested and imported based upon the strictest standards for fairness and quality.